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Elderly Life Enrichment
Ageing is a necessary stage in life, if use optimistic and positive attitude to face it, one can live a fruitful life and enjoy later years.

Keys to Successful Ageing
Pay attention to health, keep cheerful mind, arrange suitable leisure activities, establish good social network, never give up, keep learning and updating, explore potential and interest, make use of life experience and talent to contribute to community, unleash the "silver power" of elders, bloom glory in ageing, create your own and special successful ageing.

Lifting and Transfer
Lifting and Transfer
With the ageing of the population in Hong Kong, the proportion of elders who require assistance in daily living is also increasing. When assisting the elders, like getting up from bed, transferring to the wheelchair, toileting, etc, caregivers need to apply proper skills of 'Lifting and Transfer' so as to avoid repetitive strain injury, instill a sense of security in the elder, and ensure smooth and safe transfer. Below are tips on the proper skills of 'Lifting and Transfer':