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2021/22 Government Vaccination Programme

The influenza season is about to begin. We should help elderly to prevent contracting the illness. Seasonal Influenza vaccination is one of the effective and safe means to prevent seasonal influenza and its complications. It reduces influenza related hospitalisation and death. Since it takes about two weeks after vaccination for the body to develop antibodies to protect against influenza, it is advised to get vaccinated at least two weeks before the start of the influenza season. For details on seasonal influenza vaccination, please click here.

The 2021/22 Government Vaccination Programme (GVP) in Elderly Health Centres has been launched on 6 October 2021. 15 Elderly Health Centres will also provide vaccination for non-members starting 1 November 2021. For more details, please refer to the GVP 2021/22 in Elderly Health Centres of the Department of Health

COVID-19 Vaccination Walk-in Services

To facilitate and encourage the elderly to receive COVID-19 vaccines, 18 Elderly Health Centres are providing COVID-19 vaccination (Sinovac [CoronaVac]) walk-in services for members without prior booking, from Monday to Friday, 11 am to noon and 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm (except public holidays).

Elderly persons need to present their Hong Kong identity cards for registration on a first-come, first-served basis until the daily quota is full. For any enquiries, please contact respective Elderly Health Centre.

For more details regarding COVID-19, please press here.

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