Physical Activity


“Stay Active at Home”

“Stay Active at Home” is produced by the Elderly Health Service of the Department of Health to help elderly safely and effectively stay physically active while at home. This series of seven videos, designed and demonstrated by physiotherapists, trains different parts of the body, improves health and caters to elderly persons with different mobility levels. Elderly can select different videos based on their capabilities and exercise together by following the demonstrations. Let’s get moving at Home!

Healthy Ageing in Public Rental Housing Estates X "Stay Active at Home"

Healthy Ageing in Public Rental Housing Estates X Stay Active at Home

In order to encourage elderly people to stay active and healthy, the Department of Health has co-operated with the Hong Kong Housing Authority to produce a promotional video publicise a series of exercise videos for elderly public housing tenants, enabling them to follow the videos and exercise at home at any convenient time.

“Stay Active At Home” Home-based Exercise Video

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