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Q: How can I join as a member of the Elderly Health Centre (EHC)?

A: Any person aged 65 years or above is eligible to be member of EHC. You may visit any one EHC for application of membership. Your personal information, such as name, date of birth, contact telephone number and address will be collected on the day of application. Please note that you can submit your application for enrolment at ONLY ONE EHC. Please do not re-submit application, otherwise all your previous EHC membership applications will be cancelled.

Q: Is it necessary for elders to make application in person in EHC?

A: Family members or friends can bring along copies of identity documents of the elderly person who are aged 65 or above to EHC, and apply on behalf of them. Besides, you can apply online or send the completed EHC membership application form together with a photocopy of Hong Kong Identity Card or other proof of identity, to ONE EHCs by fax or post. Generally speaking, we will process your application within 10 working days upon receiving your application and will send the acknowledgement letter to you by post. If you do not receive the acknowledgement letter 20 working days after submitting the application, please contact the respective EHC. Please note that we would not be responsible for any loss of personal particulars due to fax or postal error. Furthermore, in order to receive our service on the day of health assessment, elderly persons have to show the original copy of Hong Kong Identity Card or other proof of identity and eligibility.

Q: Do I need to pay to become a member?

A fee will be collected only on the day when you are enrolled as our member and attend health assessment. You will be issued with a receipt.

Q: How come the date of my health assessment cannot be fixed at the time of application?

A: There is a huge demand for our service and a variable number of new applications for enrolment each month. Besides, the vacancies for enrolment are affected by many different factors. It is therefore not feasible to schedule an exact date for your health assessment at the time of application. We will inform you of the date of your health assessment by phone once available, and a reminder phone call will also be given nearer the date of your health assessment.

Q: What should I do if I want to change the appointment?

A: Please contact your EHC soon for rearrangement. Please note that any applicants who fail to attend for their first appointments without reasons, their applications will be considered withdrawn, without further notice from EHC.

Q: What should I do if I moved house while waiting for enrolment?

A: If you wish to be enrolled as member at the same EHC after moving house, you need to notify the EHC of your new address for contact purpose; or if you wish to apply for membership at another EHC, you have to cancel the previous application and start a fresh application. However, this may affect your waiting time.

Q: What if I fall sick while waiting for my health assessment?

A: Elders should pay attention to their health. If you feel unwell or anything unusual, please consult a doctor promptly instead of waiting for the health assessment.

Q: What do I need to bring along on the day of health assessment?

A: Please bring along the following items:

  • Original copy of your Hong Kong Identity Card or other proof of identity

  • Fees

  • Record of chronic medications (such as original drug packages)

  • Important medical information (like medical record from clinics or hospitals, especially the record of drug allergy)

  • For Comprehensive Social Security Allowance (CSSA) recipients and those with medical waiver, please bring the related documents

  • Document bearing residential address (applicable to new cases or changes in address)

Q: What if there is a typhoon or rainstorm on the day of my health assessment?

A: If typhoon signal No. 8 or black rainstorm warning signal is hoisted, all our centres will suspend service temporarily. Your appointment will be rescheduled and you will be notified by phone afterwards. Please contact your EHC if you have any enquiry.