Main Services

Elderly Health Service

The Elderly Health Service (EHS) was established in 1998 to enhance primary health care to elderly living in the community, improve their self-care ability, encourage healthy living and strengthen family support so as to minimise illness and disability.

Services include:

Clinic Service

The 18 Elderly Health Centres aim to address the multiple health needs of the elderly by providing integrated primary health care services to them. Preventive, promotive and curative services are provided from a family medicine perspective using a multi-disciplinary team approach. Elderly aged 65 or above are eligible for enrolling as members of Elderly Health Centres. Enrolled members are provided with services of health risk assessment​, counselling, health education and curative treatment.

Under the Breast Cancer Screening Pilot Programme, the 18 Elderly Health Centres will use the personalised breast cancer risk assessment tool during health risk assessment​ for enrolled female members who are aged between 65 and 69 to assess their risk of developing breast cancer, and provide breast cancer screening including mammography as appropriate, starting from 13 December 2021.

For those who wish to enroll as members, please refer to EHC Service for further information.

Out-reaching Service

The 18 Visiting Health Teams reach out into the community and residential care settings to provide health promotion activities for the elderly and their carers in collaboration with other elderly services providers. The aim is to increase their health awareness, the self-care ability of the elderly, and to enhance the quality of caregiving. All services provided by the Visiting Health Teams are free of charge. Target service recipients include elderly and their carers ( members, home helpers, domestic helpers, staff working in residential care homes for the elderly and elderly centres, and volunteers providing services to the elderly).

For elderly service providers who are interested in collaborating with the Visiting Health Teams, please refer to the list of VHT Health Promotion Activities or contact the Visiting Health Teams for further information.

Public Health and Administration

The Public Health and Administration Division supports the operation of the Elderly Health Centres and the Visiting Health Teams and provides professional input on elderly health-related issues at an inter-departmental level. Data collected from daily service operations are used for monitoring the health status of the elderly and research purposes.