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Assistive Devices for Daily Living:

Dressing - Introduction

This video consists of four units. Our occupational therapist will introduce different kinds of assistive devices on dressing, feeding, home living, transfer and safety aspects. Content includes indications for using assistive devices, tips for choosing, using method, precautions and where to buy. Elders and carers can select the appropriate unit according to their needs.

In case of doubt, consult your occupational therapist or medical professional for advice.

The Department of Health owns the copyright of this video. This is produced solely for non-commercial use. It should not be rented, sold or otherwise used for profit-making purposes. The assistive devices shown in this video serve as general reference and are for educational purposes. They may not be suitable for application under every situation. Please consult health care professionals in case of doubt over the applicability of the skills or devices under specific situations.

Dressing - Tips for choosing assistive devices

Dressing - Stocking aids

Dressing - Dressing sticks

Dressing – where to buy ?

Feeding - Introduction

Feeding - Tips for choosing assistive devices

Feeding - Universal cuffs

Feeding – Built-up handles and different handle designs

Feeding - Chopsticks adaptors

Feeding - Nosey cups

Feeding - Scooper bowls

Feeding - Non-slip mats

Feeding - Pill splitters and pill crushers

Feeding - where to buy ?

Home living - introduction

Home living - Tips for choosing assistive devices

Home living - Long handled aids

Home living - Non-slip bath mats

Home living - bath boards

Home living - Raised toilet seats

Home living - Shower chairs

Home living - Stationary commodes

Home living - where to buy ?

Transfer and safety - introduction

Transfer and safety - Tips for choosing assistive devices

Transfer and safety - Bed rails

Transfer and safety - Bariatric trapezes

Transfer and safety - Alarms and sensors (chair and floor)

Transfer and safety - Alarms and bed sensor pads

Transfer and safety - where to buy?