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Topical Medicines

Topical medicines (like eye drop, nasal drop, ear drop and gargle) are not taken into the body. However, misuse can still endanger health. Hence, it is essential to use them properly.

Proper use of topical medicines:

  1. Clarify the method of application.
  2. Read the drug label carefully. Pay attention to the dosage, form, effect, contraindication and side-effects.
  3. Do not use medicines which have changed colour or expired. After the bottle has been open for one month, discard it even though it has not been finished.
  4. Do not share medicine with others to avoid misuse or spreading of infection. Similar symptoms may be due to different diseases.
  5. Medicine should be properly stored, preferably in a drug box.
  6. If there is any reaction after using the medicine, stop taking it and consult a doctor immediately.
  7. Wash both hands before using eye drop, ear drop and nasal drop.

Application of eye drop:

  1. Tilt the head backwards, look upwards and pull the lower eyelid downwards to form a bulge.
  2. Add the drop through the angle of the eye. Do not let the tube of bottle contact the eye, eyelid or other things to avoid contamination and damaging the eye.
  3. Close the eye or blink a few times. Do not rub the eye by hand. Use fingers to press on the nasal septum for a few minutes to prevent the drop from leaving the eye.
  4. Use clean tissue paper to dry spills from the eyes.
  5. If more than one eye drop or ointment are to be used, they should be applied separately at a few minutes' interval.
  6. Do not wash or dry the tube, it should be returned to the bottle and well capped immediately after use.
  7. If possible, let a family member or another person to apply the eye drop for you.

Application of ear drop:

  1. Use clean water to wash the external ear.
  2. Hold the bottle in one hand for a while to warm the ear drop.
  3. Tilt the head to one side.
  4. Pull the ear lobe upwards and backwards.
  5. Apply the drop into the ear.
  6. The head should remain tilt to one side for about two minutes to allow the drop to stay in the ear.