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Common questions about using diapers

1. How to choose a suitable diaper?

Factors that should be considered when choosing a diaper:

  • activity level of the elder
  • for men or for women
  • body size of the elder
  • absorbency level of the diapers:
    day use: lower absorbency level, but good for mobility
    night use: higher absorbency level, but heavier

2. How frequent to change the diaper?

  • Change the diaper every 4 hours
  • Change the diaper immediately after bowel movement

3. How to use a diaper?

  • Prepare and unfold the diaper
  • Do not touch the inside of the diaper to avoid contamination
  • Have the elder lie on his or her side
  • Place the diaper between his or her legs. The larger backside should face the buttocks
  • Have the elder roll onto his or her back
  • Adjust the position of the diaper and make sure there is no ruffle
  • Secure the adhesive tape to prevent leaks, but not too tight to cause discomfort
  • Make sure the elder is comfortable by asking him/her

4. How to clean during changing a diaper?

  • Clean the perineal area with warm water
  • For female elder, to clean the area from front to back and avoid vise versa, every time use a clean part of towel for cleaning
  • Pat the skin dry
  • Do not rub the skin
  • Apply ointment to protect the skin if necessary.

5. How to manage if there is a leak?

  • Check if the diaper is the proper size for the user
  • Ensure a smooth seal after each change by lightly running your finger underneath the elastic band around both legs
  • Don’t try to avoid leaks by double diapering