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Dementia - Daily Living

Persons with dementia have difficulties in daily living due to their decline in cognitive function such as memory, orientation, decision making, calculation and language. Carers need to change the environment to minimise confusion, use visual cues, and appropriate stimulation in order to encourage independence and maintain dignity of persons with dementia.

Maintain safe environment 1. Keep dangerous items away e.g. detergents and sharps; Keephome environment organised and free of obstructions; Ensure adequate lighting; Remove or replace mirrors and shiny surfaces if they cause misperceptions to the environment 2. Keep home environment familiar will facilitate appropriate use of items

Structure daily routine 1. Set timetable with structured routine and regular activities, e.g. set specific times for meals, taking bath, physical activity and sleep

Simplify daily tasks 1. Break down tasks into simple steps, e.g. lay out the shoes, choose simple clothing will make the tasks easier 2. Remove confusing stimuli, e.g. remove bucket to help 
identify the toilet seat 3. Use assistive devices, if needed, e.g. pill organiser,  alarm clock to give reminders

Use visual cues 1. Provide information such as time or location to help orientation 2. Use simple verbal prompts or visual cues to give guidance on what to do

Provide stimulating activities 1. Encourage manageable activities such as simple chores or watering plants 2. Provide opportunities for activities e.g. shopping , meeting 
with friends to stay connected and prevent decline in ability